Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Gallery Show with Clarity Artist

"Galactic Requiem"
We the Sohbet Artist, will be showing for the first time, as guest artist in the annual December show by Clarity, in the Jean Picker Room at the Camden Public Library this month. 
Three acrylic canvases titled, "Galactic Requiem" will be on display within the 50 + piece show titled "Metamorphosis and Ascension: Prophecy of Light"  by Clarity.
 The Opening reception is on December 8th, from 6pm to 8pm. 
Join us for art, music, dance and food as all the senses explore life in the Divine.

Eye of the Beloved

I behold your eye. 
To my lips, your vision flavors my tongue with adjectives.
What will your brown sapphires show me next?
What juxtaposition exist behind the mist of equations?
I do not need to know today, quenched now, my dreams tonight
will empty me and I will thirst for more, awakening wrapped in your fox tail.
A new day, a new way, a new path we see before us. 
Stepping stones rise above the bronze pine beds from the asking.
We dance and play in the balance.
You paint the world with a glance and fill it with a thought.
I am engulfed!
Behold me my beloved, for I belong to Us.
~ the Artist Sohbet